Non-Contact Structural Health Monitoring

RDI presents the first non-contact and non destructive method for measuring real time bridge displacement, frequency, and response to load. This allows us to regularly monitor bridges and provide data that is quantitative versus current qualitative methods for assessing bridges.

Current bridge inspection methods require that the engineer attach expensive equipment to parts of the bridge such as accelerometers and strain gauges or physically inspect all bridge components. These methods are costly, labor intensive, and dangerous for the inspector. They also only provide the bridge owner with point-in-time data every 2 years. BridgeView™ provides real time data that can be acquired safely, simply, and often. 


  • Non-Contact Rapid Data Collection
  • Everything Within Field of View Can Be Measured
  • Real-Time Event Analysis
  • Visualization of Results for Analysis and Reporting
  • Component Level Analysis
  • Tracking and Trending

BridgeVIEW™ motion Amplification

Watch the video below to see how our BridgeView™ Motion Amplification software can visualize motions too small to be seen with the naked eye.

BridgeView™ Analysis Software

Our BridgeView™ software allows for analysis of bridge video using our patented technology. With the simple click of a mouse, regions of interest can be measured across the bridge to quantify deflection, absolute displacements, frequencies, and decay rates. No contact sensors are needed on the bridge, all measurements are made with video imagery from a distance. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 11.39.36 AM.png

The image below shows an annotated depiction of the measurement above made in our BridgeView™ software. The impact of a truck crossing the bridge is clearly seen along with the deflection, vibration and damping that occurs as a result. 

The damping ratio is a dimensionless measure describing how oscillations in a system decay after a disturbance. The damping ratio is a measure of describing how rapidly the oscillations decay from one bounce to the next. This is critical for understanding how a structure is absorbing shock and returning to it’s static state and is a great measurement for comparing like bridge performance.

BridgeView™ Acquisition Software

Using our patented BridgeView™ acquisition and measurement software suite a rapid assessment of absolute data points can be collected allowing for a cost effective way to track, trend, and analyze a bridge rapidly. Bridge inspection reports can be complemented with trendable data points to monitor bridge behavior over time.

BridgeView™ Database

RDI's BridgeView™ Database allows you to store all of the images you have acquired with the software for easy comparison and recovery. 

Component Level Analysis

  • Bridge Component Analysis and Compliance with MAP-21
  • Isolate Individual Components
  • Identify Abnormalities
  • Characterize and Log Component Data



Bridge Displacement Caused by Load

  • Real Time Data on how traffic is affecting the bridge.

  • Ability to assess how much impact load is having on the bridge's stability