New Motion Amplification Certification Class

Another group of Motion Amplification Analyst are now officially certified! RDI just completed another training class for the month of February. A great group of individuals from around the globe attended our class, this month located at ProNova in Knoxville TN.

Our classes consist of two days of classroom and on-site training. The first day we cover the basics of Motion Amplification and how to operate the camera. This includes a laboratory setting where trainees use the camera on rotor kits in a controlled environment. The second day consists of in-field training where we visit a couple of sites to give trainees real-world experience. They are put in everyday situations that teach them how to adjust and take proper data in the field. Then we are back to the classroom to review data and report on findings. That is followed by a Motion Amplification Certification test that, upon completion and passing, officially certifies the analyst.

Our thanks to ProNova for hosting us at their facilities. They are doing great things to advance the science of Proton Therapy for cancer treatment. Learn more at their site