Respiration Waveform Analysis

Signatures are present in the respiration waveform that can indicate whether an event was an obstructive apnea, central apnea, or flow limitation event.  RDI is working to automate our patented methods to be able to track and trend these events.  The future of at home sleep apnea monitoring is within a simple video camera.



The precision and accuracy of our technology allows us to detect more than one respiration measurement at a time. Inhalation and exhalation from the nose can be measured at the same time as the chest wall movement occurs allowing us to see if the breathing even is likely caused by an obstruction (obstructive sleep apnea) or caused by the brain not sending a signal to the body to breath (central sleep apnea).

Tracking more than one individual

There is a large majority of the population that does not sleep alone and this will cause issues for any respiration monitoring technology that isn't connected directly to the individual.  It even causes problems for some technologies that are connected to the person because they can pick up the vibration of another individual in close proximity.  This makes most breathing monitors inadequate for adult co-sleeping situations or parent-child co-sleeping situations.  We are in process of refining and perfecting our methods for detecting and monitoring more than one person at a time in the same sleeping environment.