World's First Non-Contact Video Respiration Movement Monitor

Today's state of the art video baby monitors provide you with a wireless video feed of your child, alerts you if your child moves, temperature alerts, the ability to record videos, and cloud services. Breathing movement monitors exist but require a pad under the mattress, a pad under the baby, a device attached to the baby's clothing, or a device on the baby's foot. 

 What’s wrong with all of these options? 

  • One gives you an alarm if the baby gets up or moves significantly. This is great but a baby who isn’t breathing also isn’t moving.
  • The other option alerts you if no movement is detected but most of the time by the time you get to the baby it is breathing and you are left wondering is this a false alarm, does this thing actually work?
  •  The last option gives great information but violates safe sleep practices by placing an item in the crib with the baby.  Not to mention the usefulness of the product requires the child’s participation in wearing the item or staying in the correct position.

I wanted something better, people deserve something better, so we made it.

  • Follows American Academy of Pediatrics Safe Sleep Practices
  • Alarms when the baby stops breathing for 20 seconds
  • Records and allows playback of non-breathing events
  • Nothing on the baby
  • Nothing in the crib
  • No Special Placement 
  • 100% Breathing Movement Monitor
  • Processed in Real-Time on Embedded Chip               

What Just Happened?

Other sleep monitoring devices require contacting sensors and only provide one point of measurement. Our solution gives you a complete picture. When an alarm sounds and everything appears to be ok, simply rewind the video to see what just happened with side-by-side playback of the video and breathing movement waveform. Watch the video below to see this in action.

This video was taken with our baby monitoring system and features a child who has both central and obstructive sleep apnea.  The event shown here was a central sleep apnea event where the infant stopped breathing during the night.

Our respiration monitor can detect the respiration waveform with a simple video camera. It does not require visible light or the baby's face be visible, just that the child is within the camera's field of view. Now there's no need for contact, wires, or pads. Our camera technology can detect events in real-time that happen during sleep particularly when the subject stops breathing. 

Our efficient design allows for use of a simple embedded SOC such as the ARM platform. This allows for real-time processing without the need of a computer or resource intensive processes.  With our technology, anytime you have your camera on your infant or toddler their respiration can be monitored, stored and reviewed.  RDI has licensed this technology to a leading consumer products company and it will be coming to a store near you this year.